WordPress Hosting For Small Businesses

At Stride, we take pride in building high converting websites for our small business marketing clients. Having a website that is user-friendly and fast can help generate more leads for our clients. The first step to achieving this is to lay the right foundation. We partner with leading WordPress web hosts to offer fast, scalable, and secure hosting, and our small business marketing websites are built on top of this platform. This is the motor that drives lead generation for our clients. We set up your small business marketing framework, including taking care of updating plugins, themes, and the WordPress core, and backing it up daily, and much more. The price of WordPress hosting is included in our annual fee.

If you prefer not to use our small business marketing website service, we offer WordPress Maintenance/Care plans. In addition to updating plugins and themes and daily website backups. these plans offer clients some development time and unlimited website edits. You can learn more about our care plans here. We feel the combination of having a great host and offering personal support, will keep your website running smoothly without any effort on your part.

Included with the plan